The snow Queen 2 : everything you need to know about the new Disney

While the first trailer for “snow Queen 2” has just been unveiled, with a focus on the new feature film from studios such as Disney, waited in the halls for the next 20 November… Where is it going ? Far beyond the kingdom of Arendelle, as Anna and Elsa did not leave in the first film ! The trailer for The snow Queen 2 us, promising to take her two heroines, far from home, and discover new lands. A trip that the director Jennifer Lee had already mentioned half-words last November during an interview for Variety , describing a film as “bigger” and “more epic”. The first few seconds of the trailer, showing Elsa and her powers of ice to be taken with the ocean, leave in effect a sign of a journey far from the borders of the kingdom. When is the season ? After having explored the eternal winter, in the first game and the beginning of spring in the short film A feast frosted (diffused in the first part of Cinderella, the characters of The snow Queen will apparently have to prepare for the fall. In fact, between its carpet of dead leaves, its forests and red and its powerful gusts, the trailer of the film clearly announces a change of season. Walt Disney Animation Studios Who is the new character ? Difficult to begin to speculate on its identity and on its role in the film, given that it can be seen barely a second in the trailer, but a new heroine appears to be part of the cast of The snow Queen 2 . May-be the princess of this new land fall ? Who is going to make the film ? You don’t change a winning team ! As to the first fly, The snow Queen 2 will be directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee . Let us also note that the latter now assumes the functions of director, art of Walt Disney Animation Studios, together with Pete Docter, responsible for the branch of Pixar. A double role which was previously assumed by John Lasseter. Walt Disney Animation Studios Y will there be a new, “Liberated, delivered” ? Of course you are ! What is it that you imagined ? After humming your merry toddlers for weeks up to print its dreadful melody in your own subconscious mind, Elsa will not stop in so good way ! 6 years after, The snow Queen is back with at least four previously unreleased songs. One of them seems to be well on the way to becoming the worthy successor of “Free issued”, as well as the announced Jennifer Lee in an interview to Variety : “We have a new song that, in my opinion, is an evolution. (…) Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez [editor’s note : the composers of the first film], we have presented three weeks ago. We have worked with them for two years, this song has arrived and I love it.” Walt Disney Animation Studios, Should we expect a film darker ? It is, in any case, the tone that seems to be adopting this first trailer. Between music that is quite dramatic and an overflow standing items, the tension is palpable in the trailer for The Snow Queen 2 , until the very last shot where Anna is forced to unsheathe his sword to battle an invisible threat. Is it a first step towards a cross-over of Disney princesses ? And if The snow Queen 2 allowed Disney to open the way to a meeting between Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel and Vaiana ? A little bit pulled by the hair, of course, this theory of a cross-over between the past heroines of the studios with the big ears has, however, been mentioned many times by some fans to the imagination. A gathering, in which each princess maĆ®triserait its own element (ice cream for Elsa, the water for Vaiana, plants for Rapunzel), and which has already been more or less sketched out in a nice sequence of Ralph 2.0 (in cinemas this week). In the meantime more information on “The snow Queen 2”, and (re)discover the blunders of the first part… Wrong Fitting Emissions Bonus

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