The Halo series is expected on Showtime finds its director

Commissioned in June 2018 by Showtime, with Steven Spielberg in the production, the adaptation of the cult movie franchise, the video game finally finds its director. This will be Otto Bathurst, to whom we owe the first episode of “Black Mirror”. 343 Industries is saying that the draft of the Halo series, based on the cult movie license game, has taken years before they begin to take shape. In June 2018, we learned that Showtime was order a series of shots, the actual 10-episode, with Kyle Killen officiating in the post of Showrunneur and Steven Spielberg the producer, and whose name is also linked for years to the project. According to TV Line , which reports information, we know now the name of the director who coiffera the series. This will be Otto Bathurst, to whom we owe the first episode of Black Mirror or the recent (and weak…) Robin of the wood. Moreover, the Halo series will not be composed of more than ten episodes, but nine. Rupert Wyatt, who was previously executive producer on the series and who also had to carry out episodes, has left the ship due to a limited time frame. Side video game for memory, a new opus is currently in preparation. Announced during the E3 2018 and it is called Halo : Infinite, the title is developed by 343 Industries. Its output would be effective at the end of the year 2019, but nothing is confirmed for now, as much as Microsoft might be tempted to keep it in its sleeve, the game as a Joker to make the product appeal to its next generation console, under the code name “XBox Scarlet,” you murmur that it would be presented at the next show of E3. Here is the beautiful Trailer cinematic that accompanied the announcement of the next game…

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